Booking of Masses 2018

Booking of Masses 2018

In every Mass we are invited to pray for loved ones who have gone to their eternal reward and for all the faithful departed. Until recently, we have had little trouble in this parish in accommodating peoples’ wishes on an individual basis. However, this practice is becoming more difficult because of the number of funerals we have had over the last few years.

It is now proposed that each of the weekend Masses will be offered for four (4) intentions. These will be shared Masses. This won’t suit everyone, but we have no choice. As you are aware we have this practice already on the First Friday evening Mass and it is proving beneficial in accommodating peoples’ wishes. We are not the first to have shared Masses as a number of Parishes in the Diocese have already introduced it.

We will, of course, continue to pray for our deceased in the Anniversary List at weekend Masses.

As this is not a money making exercise but a way of trying to facilitate everybody, one of the Mass offerings will go to the Priest who offers the particular Mass; the other Mass offerings will be donated to local charities.

Bookings will be taken for 2018 Masses at the Parish office when the new diary is available at the end of August.

Lenten Petitions

Every year during Lent we recall that Jesus was beaten, whipped, mocked, crowned with thorns, and nailed to a cross. Our faith teaches us that He endured this agony and suffering, and died for us. By His suffering, Jesus gave meaning to all of our suffering. Jesus did not come to explain away suffering or remove it; He came to fill it with His presence. This Lent we will unite our own personal suffering with His. Each one of us has some amount of suffering or hurt in our life, sometimes dating from our past. Petitions symbolise the hurt that is contained in our lives and community. During Lent we invite anyone with any unresolved grief or pain, or any kind or hurt, to place their petitions in the basket at the side of the Sanctuary. Your petitions represent the pain, grief or hurt in your life. It may be associated with;

  • Grief at death or separation
  • The pain of broken relationships
  • The pain of sickness
  • The pain of being misunderstood
  • The struggle of sexual identity
  • The pain of failure
  • Pain of living with an alcoholic partner, parent or child
  • The hurt of the past

What is unique about this spiritual exercise is that you will be able to recognise your own grief and suffering and understand that so many others share similar worries. Please feel free during the coming weeks to place petitions in the basket.

Spring Stations 2017


There are 40 Station areas in Bantry Parish but only 12 families hosted the Station Mass in Autumn 2016. It is in our own hands to either hold on to the practice of the Station or let it die. It is hoped to have Station Masses for Spring 2017 starting on 1st February and continuing through February and March until 30th April. If you are thinking of hosting the Spring Stations this year, we would ask you to please contact the parish office (tel. 027- 56398) to  arrange a date.